The Indian government’s effort to ease burden and harassment faced by small businessmen and traders over filing good and service tax (GST) returns is beginning to bear fruit with the expansion of GST Suvidha Centres that are springing up across the country through a franchise model.

The lack of tech-savvy and fear of high costs in installing computers and employees with the requisite skills was one of the biggest fears among small businessmen and traders. Suvidha Kendra eliminates that by reducing costs, especially those whose business’ turnover is in the lower boundary point for GST registration, that is above Rs. 20 lakh.

GST SUVIDHA KENDRA will provide innovative and convenient methods of interacting with the GST Systems, from registration, to uploading invoice details, to filing returns.

Advantage for Business Owners

We provide promise to reduce cost and burden of filing GST returns, could pave the way for making India’s biggest tax reform a success.

  • At such Kendra’s a small businessman can get all his required filing done at a nominal price, hence, it will be economically viable for them too.
  • They do not have to set up their own computer systems or hire an employee for doing the monthly filings.
  • The GST system has G2B portal for taxpayers to access the GST system but this can be done only through a third party application provider that is GSP.
  • Experts at the GST Suvidha Kendra will help businesses to understand and fulfill a range of requirements for financial reporting and filing returns under the GST.
  • We ensure easy compilation of data and filing of GST returns for small traders, business and manufacturers, every month.

Similar to Aadhaar Suvidha Kendra, and charge a minimal fee for various required filings for GST to be done by the small businessman.