1. What is meant by GST CENTRE®?

GST CENTRE is an organization promoted by Chartered Accountants and Tax Experts. It is promoted by TEACH GROUP which was founded in 2010 and is approved by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India and ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

2. Where are the Offices located?

GST CENTRE Offices is present in almost all states of India.

Our Head Office is located at Mumbai and Registered Office is at Kochi. Our Regional Offices are in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Delhi, Lucknow, Udaipur, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and Guwahati.

3. How can I benefit from GST CENTRE®?

GST CENTRE ® has two verticals

a) Training Centres:- You can open a Training Centre at your location and we will help you to become a successful Edupreneur. We will provide you with various facilities like training the Manager to develop the centre, Trainer to train the Students and necessary software and courses to promote.

For each student we will give the Study Materials, Welcome Kit, E-Learning Facility, Exam and Placement Assistance. Placement Guarantee is provided to Students through D-CAT Programme

b) Consultancy:- If you are a GST Consultant, we will help you to get more clients and to serve the clients with your best skill and right knowledge. We will list you in the website so that prospective clients can contact you directly. At the same time we are provide proper knowledge and information through our Information Portal.

4. What are the various facilities available with GST CENTRE ® Consultant?

Through GST CENTRE ® Consultant Portal at, you will get MORE KNOWLEDGE AND MORE CLIENTS.

The following facilities are available.


a. Bare Law

As there may be changes in Bare Law and Various Bills and Rules, we constantly update the Bare Law. And it is easy for you to take it whenever you need without any difficulty.

b. Information

Each Category is displayed in which you can get Law, Rules and various articles with Video, Links, Documents etc.

c. FAQ

As our GST Experts get more questions on GST from various members, we select the Best Questions and its answers for the knowledge of all members.

d. Ask an Expert

You will get prior information regarding any event i.e. Meetings / Training / Get Together etc. in the Dash Board.

e. Events

You will get prior information regarding any event i.e. Meetings / Training / Get Together etc. in the Dash Board.


a. Business Listing

You can list your Business Details in the Website with your Name, Contact Details, Experience etc.

b. Business Enquiries

Whenever any person put any enquiry to you in the website, this enquiry will be automatically coming to your Dash Board inside the Login. You can contact the Client and move ahead.

5. What is the cost for joining as a Consultant?

The Cost for joining as a Consultant is Rs. 2,500/- p.m. We are not collecting any royalty for adding Clients.

6. Can I take a Franchisee for GST CENTRE ® Consultancy so that I can have exclusive area?

Yes. We have a Premium Model in which we are giving such a facility to you.

  • Training on GST – Theory and Practical Training
  • Premium Listing in Website
  • Membership Card
  • Branding as GST CENTRE
  • Send E-mails / SMS to your Clients
  • Office Management Software


7. Can you plz give me an idea how much Income I may get by joining with GST CENTRE ®?

With our Marketing and Support, you can very well get 5 clients per month. And taking such a scenario you can earn more than 10 lakhs in a year. Please refer the below table.

8. What is the Cost for Franchisee for GST CENTRE ® Consultancy?

The Cost for the same is Rs. 25,000/- in which we will be providing all facilities.

9. Can I earn any extra income other than consultancy?

Yes. There are many ways to get additional income.

Like you can refer students to our Online or Offline Courses and can earn additional income.

10. How can I apply to become a Consultant?

You can click on “Register” button at the top of the website and proceed for Registration and payment.