These are some of the most common questions and answers about GST Consulting.

  • A. What is GST CENTRE ?

    GST CENTRE - is India's leading Suvidha Kendra. It is promoted by a group of Chartered Accountants. We have a PAN INDIA Network GST Suvidha Kendras who can provide various services to Tax Payers.
  • B. What is a GST Suvidha Kendra?

    GST Suvidha Kendra are the GST Facilitation Centers appointed and Approved by GSPs, these centers will cater to Businesses either big or small and take care of their GST Compliance needs in a cost effective manner. Seasonal Businessmen and Casual Taxpayers can also take advantages of these centers and comply with GST very easily.
  • C. What are the various advantages for Business Owners with Suvidha Kendra?

    Advantage for Business Owners We provide promise to reduce cost and burden of filing GST returns, could pave the way for making India’s biggest tax reform a success. • At such Kendra’s a small businessman can get all his required filing done at a nominal price, hence, it will be economically viable for them too. • They do not have to set up their own computer systems or hire an employee for doing the monthly filings. • The GST system has G2B portal for taxpayers to access the GST system but this can be done only through a third party application provider that is GSP. • Experts at the GST Suvidha Kendra will help businesses to understand and fulfill a range of requirements for financial reporting and filing returns under the GST. • We ensure easy compilation of data and filing of GST returns for small traders, business and manufacturers, every month.
  • D. What are the eligibility requirements for GST Suvidha Kendra?

    The following eligibility requirements are put for becoming a GST Suvidha Kendra. However GST CENTRE has the authority to allow / disallow based on various parameters. 1. GSK Operator should be a Graduate 2. Should have basic knowledge of Accounting 3. Should have good knowledge of Computers 4. Should have an Office space of at least 200 sq. ft. 5. Can employ Staff if required. 6. Should have basic IT Infrastructure needed for GSK (2 Computers, 1 Printer, 2 Mbps Broadband connection)
  • E. Can I apply for GSK now?

    Yes. If you are meeting the above eligibility requirements and confident to serve your customers better you can apply. Plz note that running a GST Suvidha Kendra is a serious job. GST CENTRE is offering the service under the guidance of GST Experts and Professionals across India. Only persons who can commit and dedicate themselves need to apply. .
  • F. I am interested to be GST Consultant (GST Suvidha Kendra). To which Account I need to remit the Fees?

    The above said Fees should be remitted to the below account. A/c No. :- 15142000001171 A/c Name :- TOPMANS Bank Name :- HDFC Bank Ltd., Angamaly IFSC Code :- HDFC0001514
  • G. How can I apply for GST CENTRE (Suvidha Kendra)?

    1. You can send a mail to partner.gstcentre@gmail.com with a copy to gstcentre@gmail.com 2. You can also apply at www.gstcentre.org by clicking on the “Register Consultant” menu. Necessary documents should be submitted and on shortlisting, separate Agreement should be signed before proceeding further.
  • H. What other services will be provided by GST CENTRE?

    GST CENTRE allows our Consultants to use ’GST CENTRE’ Logo and provide the below Deliverables: • Training to each GSK. • Helpline support to GSK. • Basic helpline support to your customers. • Design collaterals for Branding and Marketing. • Listing of Centres in www.gstcentre.org • Digital marketing for GSKs.
  • I. What do you mean by Listing in www.gstcentre.org

    All our Consultants and GSKs will be listed in www.gstcentre.org so that customers will search and find us immediately. Plz note that Rs. 10,000/- collected include the above listed services for a year.
  • J. How can I get Customers for GST CENTRE (Suvidha Kendra)?

    The main customers will be Small Traders and Businessmen. • Local marketing / Networking. • GST CENTRE also will be doing digital marketing.