GST CENTRE ® is composed of a network of independent professionals providing professional Consultancy, Training and Other Services related to Goods & Services Tax. As a truly multi-disciplinary group, we are able to advise clients on a wide range of issues, across most major business environments.

Our members have assisted clients by offering multi-situational capabilities in fiscal and corporate matters to enable their clients to excel globally. We facilitate direct and immediate contact with its associates around the globe for any potential client seeking professional advice in the different jurisdictions in which the client aims to pursue their business and commercial goals.


Our Aim is to provide our Clients with Professional and Efficient Tax expertise. We take a team approach to advising clients on the right tax strategy and to develop a right team for tax compliance and tax management through training & certification.


We are a reliable source of knowledgeable service provider for each member as well as, through its network around India, to provide a unique point of contact for anyone who is seeking to receive support and advice. GST CENTRE ® gives a true and reliable opportunity to be referred to highly skilled professionals.


Our members are reputable firms in their states. Each firm strives to offer a consistent exceptional level of client service through its expertise, professionalism and dedication. They are responsible for serving a large and diverse client portfolio. But it’s the quality of the people forming part of the various firms that differentiates our team from others.


GST CENTRE ® goals are to grow the formal recognition of a profession, enrich the knowledge and practice of the Goods & Services Tax. Our Certification is a public and visible endorsement of an individual’s ability to apply the Goods & Services Tax to the many challenges facing businesses, non-profits, governments and NGOs today.

  • Restructuring of Business Systems
  • Advisory Services
  • International Tax
  • Record Keeping
  • Statutory Audits
  • Procedural Compliances
  • Tax Planning
  • Negotiations with Suppliers
  • Personal Representation
  • Certification Work
  • Appellate Work
  • Training & Certification

Our Members value excellence, professionalism and team work.

Our Goal is to continually achieve our client’s best interest with utmost integrity.


During its steady growth, GST CENTRE ® has placed the milestones to enhance its capability to deliver a dynamic intra professional project for its network. In such situation, and because the advisory activity is also a matter of trust, it is therefore important to be able to rely on peers we know particularly well. GST CENTRE ® is able to provide these facilities thanks to encouraging strong ties through regular meetings between members.


GST CENTRE ® network gives the opportunity to take off from a state level playing field to a national level of advice and services by the collaborative relationship and commitment of all members, GST CENTRE ® can provide a response to anyone who is looking for an urgent multi state service demand. Through its activity the network is generating the perfect environment for creating synergy and efficient team working.


This has proven to be very effective and advantageous to its members but most importantly to our clients. Our members are dedicated to sharing their thinking, experience, information and solutions to ultimately provide our clients with a value added service.